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Please return your completed applications for Round 1 High School Admissions to Ms. Perez, the guidance counselor, by Monday, November 19 so that she can review it before submission. Your goal is to receive an offer to one of your preferred programs in Round 1. Students who do not receive an offer in Round 1 can apply to programs with availability in Round 2 in March 2019.

Take these steps as you develop a list of programs:
  • Read the High School Directory. Understand how high school offers are determined. Learn the meaning of terms like admissions priorities, eligibility, seats, admissions methods, guaranteed offer, and selection criteria. 
  • Once you have generated a list of high school programs you are interested in be sure to check out each school's website and register to attend tours, open houses, and related events.  
  • Be sure to attend the high school workshops at school or provided by the DOE this fall. Parents can schedule a meeting facilitated by the guidance counselor to support the high school application process. 
  • List programs that you believe will help you learn and grow. Think about your interests, learning needs, and how you would get to and from school.
  • List programs in your true order of preference starting with your top choice as #1.  Your preference order matters!
  • Include “target” or “likely-match” programs on your application.

Important Resources

Introduction to High School Admissions

 Wednesday, July 18 at 4pm and 6pm
Laguardia High School

Learn how to build a balanced application and find NYC high schools that fit your interests. There will be two, 60-minute workshops in each borough—come to either one!

The 2019 New York City High School Directory contains detailed information about public high schools in New York City and High School Admissions.​

The 2018-2019 Specialized High Schools Student Handbook contains detailed information about New York City's public specialized high schools and their admissions process.​