An Afternoon of Art: West Side at the Whitney

posted Jan 20, 2011, 8:23 AM by Suzannah Ohring   [ updated Jan 20, 2011, 8:41 AM ]
On Friday, January 14, 2011, WSC students, families, teachers and friends gathered at the Whitney Museum of American Art for “An Afternoon of Art: West Side at the Whitney.” The WSC-Whitney Museum partnership this year has focused on teaching students to consider artists as storytellers, critics, experimenters, and observers.  In the fall, students visited the museum to explore and analyze the Edward Hopper exhibit entitled “Modern Life: Edward Hopper and His Time. “ Back in their classrooms, they created art work, poems, and stories all inspired by Edward Hopper and other contemporary artists of his time.  The resulting body of work was assembled in an exhibition at the Whitney Museum. “An Afternoon of Art: West Side At The Whitney" provided students and their families an opportunity to dress up and view this exhibit, created by 6th and 7th grade students based on their study of Hopper. After our students shared their own work, they had the opportunity to give their families a tour of the museum highlighting the pieces they studied throughout this unit. It was wonderful to see so many of our students and families at the event. In fact, there were so many WSC families at the museum celebrating their children, that the special presentation of student work was offered twice to accommodate all of the families in attendance! We look forward to continuing this partnership and providing more exciting opportunities for our families to come together in support of their children.