A Note from Ms. Bailey

posted Mar 18, 2015, 9:15 AM by Suzannah Ohring

One of our core values at WSC is supporting students as they develop into independent critical thinkers and lifelong learners. Our goal is to prepare students so they can navigate and be successful in the world that awaits them beyond middle school.  The WSC teachers and staff are committed to creating conditions that cultivate learners prepared for the rigor of high school, college and beyond.  WSC teachers collaborate to provide learning experiences aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards to support students in reaching rigorous and meaningful academic goals in Math and ELA.

English Language Arts

The Expeditionary Learning Curriculum recommended by the Department of Education emphasizes skills and strategies to help students comprehend literary and non-fiction texts.  You may have seen your child reading Dragonwings, New York Times bestseller Unbroken or historical fiction such as Lyddie.  Each of these texts ask students to make connections to universal themes and gain understanding of unfamiliar time periods and cultures.   In weekly Focus classes, students are in small groups ranging in size from 5-15 students, working closely with a teacher to practice strategies connected to specific skills and concepts that support each child’s reading comprehension skills.  In our 7th and 8th grade PLMs, students meet for eight sessions in mixed grade groupings based on teachers’ assessments of your child’s individual learning strengths and preferred learning styles.  All ELA courses this year have been designed to support students in building independence in comprehending complex texts, analyzing texts using evidence, understanding cultures and perspectives, and producing written works that meet the demands of grade level expectations.


In our math classes across 6th, 7th and 8th grades, teachers utilize Department of Education approved curriculum resources from CMP3 and EngageNY.  The math curriculum is aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards and supports students in understanding and applying math practices, such as constructing strong arguments,  attending to precision and problem solving skills.   In addition to each child’s core math class, in weekly Math Focus classes, students work in small groups to explore mathematical concepts and skills in groupings based on teachers’  assessments of your child’s individual learning strengths.   During the next few weeks, each grade will engage in math learning connected to a specific instructional focus area to support each child’s comprehension of critical mathematical concepts:

6th Grade: Ratio and Proportions/Fractions

7th Grade: Algebra/Ratio and Proportions  

8th Grade: Solving Equations/Graphing Lines/Exponents

We have  reached the end of the second trimester of the school year, and the hard work of our students and teachers is evident everywhere! Examples of students demonstrating new learning and applying new skills can be seen on display in our WSC hallways and in the work your child has completed in class.  We look forward to continuing our commitment to your child’s academic achievement and progress as 2015 continues!