Digital Ethics Workshops for Parents

posted Mar 16, 2012, 8:17 AM by Suzannah Ohring

This week WSC hosted a workshop for parents entitled Raising Middle and High School Kids in a Digital World. The workshop was designed in collaboration with Common Sense Media and provided an opportunity for parents to learn ways to discuss technology use, monitor technology use and identify key programs/tool that are available to make their role as "media guardians" a bit easier. WSC feels it is imperative to continue to educate our students and their families about the powers and pitfalls of electronic media.WSC families who attended these workshops appreciated the opportunity to come together to discuss these ideas as a community.  WSC staff will be leading a panel discussion today on these issues at Channel Thirteen’s Teaching and Learning celebration! For more information, please make use of these online resources: Common Sense on Internet Safety and  Common Sense on Social Networking.