Harvard Students Lead Seminars for WSC Students

posted Jan 10, 2012, 8:49 AM by Suzannah Ohring
A passion for learning is a gift that can and should be shared.  That is the premise of an after school enrichment program taking place this month at WSC.  

Two enthusiastic students from Harvard University in Cambridge, MA arrived at  WSC yesterday ready to share knowledge gained from their academic studies.  Excited and curious, our 7th and 8th grade students were ready for the challenge.  They began the two-week session by learning a bit of home chemistry, including how to make electricity out of common household materials.  Classes will go on to explore a variety of academic subjects typically not covered before college.  Students will examine the censorship of comics in the 1950s, messages behind everyday advertisements, the mathematical concept of infinity, the science of  the speed of light and more.

The aim of the program is to spark interest, to expose students to interesting ideas and new ways of looking at the world.  It harnesses the knowledge and intellectual curiosity of Harvard undergraduates who are given the opportunity to share their favorite academic topics with middle school students.  Harvard student-teachers spend the fall studying pedagogical methods and preparing lessons, and work in five New York City schools during their Winter Term break in January.  

This program is offered at no charge to students thanks to the generosity of its sponsors. WSC is please to be partnering for a second year with the program's sponsor, College Students Enriching Secondary Schools, which receives funding from Repair the World and the BYFI Alumni Venture Fund.