New School Safety Procedures; School Main Entrance Relocated to 95th Street

posted Jan 20, 2013, 3:26 PM by Suzannah Ohring

The NYC School Safety Division and the Building Safety Committee have reevaluated our building’s safety procedures and have recommended the following changes, which will take effect Tuesday, January 22nd:

  • Second Safety Officer:  We are pleased to announce that a second safety agent has been assigned to the building.

  • Entry and Security Desk:  Beginning Tuesday, January 22nd, the security desk will be relocated to the 95th Street Entrance, just west of the elementary kindergarten yard.

  • Arrival Procedures:  Currently WSC students enter West 95th Street, east of the elementary kindergarten yard.  We will continue with that system on Tuesday but may make adjustments based on how the new elementary arrival system impacts our student morning waiting area.

  • Visitors:  All parents and other visitors visiting the school must sign-in and show ID at the relocated security desk on West 95th Street.  All visitors must return their passes to the security desk and leave the building from the same location.

  • Getting from 1st to 3rd floor: All WSC visitors will be directed to walk through the first floor, past the former security desk and then up the center stairs after signing in.  No visitors may use the back staircase.

These changes are necessary to guarantee that only authorized adults are admitted to the building.  We appreciate your support.