Parent Education Opportunities at WSC

posted Sep 11, 2013, 7:34 AM by Suzannah Ohring
At WSC we acknowledge the critical role that parents play in their child's education.  WSC is pleased to announced a comprehensive schedule of workshops and events for WSC parents:  

High School Articulation Process Workshop: Designed to help parents understand the complexity of the high school application process.  (September)

Common Core Standards Workshop: There has been much discussion of the Common Core learning standards in the media, but what does it really mean? In this workshop you will receive an overview of the Common Core Learning Standards and how they relate to your child's education. Parents will be provided with a sample progress report. (September)

Curriculum Night: At this annual event, parents and students will be presented with important information about many important initiatives such as the iZone, a peak into the WSC curriculum and projects, highlights from their grade's school calendar, as well as the daily policies, procedures, and routines at WSC. Save the date! Thursday October 10

SLC process: Goal setting and your child's progress report: Parents are strongly encouraged to attend this workshop that has been designed to help parents use support their child in the goal-setting process. Participants will create a Parent Support Action Plan for their WSC student, to help them set and attain their academic goals. (October and November)

Raising Middle and High School Kids in a Digital World: This workshop was designed in collaboration with Common Sense Media and provides an opportunity for parents to explore technology use, discover methods of monitoring their child's technology use, and identify key programs/tools that are available to make their role as "media guardian" a bit easier. (December)

Student-Led Conferences: By appointment, students will present their progress to parents, under the guidance of their academic coach (December)

Goal Setting support- Addressing your child's report--Now What?: Parents are strongly encouraged to attend this workshops that have been designed to help parents use the information that  was shared at the conferences to create or revise their Parent Support Action Plan for their WSC student. (January)

Honor Roll Ceremony: Students will high academic achievement are honored in a meaningful ceremony. (January/February)

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