Recognition for WSC

posted Nov 10, 2015, 8:57 AM by Suzannah Ohring

Join us in celebrating exciting news regarding our selection as a Showcase School, a Bright Light School and a PROSE School!

WSC was honored to be selected this year as one of 24 schools throughout New York City to be a Showcase School.  The Showcase Schools Program is designed to promote collaborative learning through the sharing of exemplary practices within the schools. This year, we will open our doors to teachers and administrators from across the city to demonstrate and discuss successful strategies, as well as the process behind their development.  Our school’s learning focus areas will be student portfolios and student reflection on a body of work.

WSC has also been chosen as a Bright Light School by Teaching Matters, and was acknowledged at their Seventh Annual Champions of Education and Innovation Luncheon at the Harvard Club in October.  Principal Novella Bailey was recognized for her steadfast support to help teachers thrive and her commitment to raising achievement outcomes of students, as measured by their increased levels in proficiency.  West Side Collaborative was one of four select schools among Teaching Matters partner schools recognized for significantly moving proficiency levels from the time students enter school to when they leave.

As part of our ongoing collaboration with Teaching Matters, WSC teachers are now participating in a new program focused on using assessment information to improve instruction.  The Assessment Matters Community brings together the expertise of practitioners in 14 NYC schools, with Teaching Matters’ coaching and resources to test and refine solutions to the challenging problem of effectively using data to drive instructional improvements.  Participating schools will use a unique standards-based mastery tracking platform, MasteryConnect, to deepen both teacher teaming and formative assessment practices, in order to advance instruction and improve student achievement.

Finally, WSC continues to participate in the PROSE program (Progressive Redesign Opportunity Schools for Excellence.)  We were initially recognized  for our commitment to teacher collaboration and innovative planning to support student achievement.  During the current school year the focus will be on portfolio and reflective and responsive student groupings to support instruction.  Last year we focused on implementing practices to support personalized learning, teacher collaboration, and innovative instructional programs to support meaningful student learning experiences.  WSC is one of 126 schools across the city selected by the Department of Education and the UFT for this program which supports innovation in school programming and design.