Student Led Conferences

posted Apr 17, 2012, 8:52 AM by Mr. Kuang ‎(Staff)‎
WSC held its first Student-Led Conferences, or SLCs, this past January and our second SLC’s in early April. After months of curriculum planning by teachers, Basecamp lessons, and One-to-One coaching sessions, our students prepared thoughtful presentations showcasing themselves as learners. Parents were able to pre-register to attend the SLCs, and were then given an opportunity to schedule additional meetings with teachers to learn more about their child’s progress. We are proud to announce that 99.999% of our families attended their child’s first student-led conferences. The results from the parent surveys about the SLC process were outstanding.  Ninety percent of our families ranked the Student-led Conference process as an informative and helpful way to learn about their child’s learning experience. In addition, 90% of our families said that they now have a clear understanding of what their child is learning and how well their child is doing. We are encouraged by the knowledge that our families support this process and we used the survey results to make our April SLCs an even greater success!