Stuffed Animal Adoption Program Sends Many Animals to New Homes

posted Dec 19, 2019, 11:05 AM by Suzannah Ohring

Students completed application forms, attended interviews and were approved to adopt a cuddly stuffed animal to bring home!  All animals came with a personalized adoption certificate and will go to a caring home!  Students were required to answer questions such as:  How will you ensure your animal feels loved and taken care of?  What will you name your new stuffed animal and why?  Once approved, they were able to choose an animal that spoke to their heart. Some students chose to name their animals based on their appearance, while others chose names in memory of beloved relatives who have passed.  Students promised to keep their stuffed animal clean and well groomed, to give them unconditional love and to take them with them wherever they go.  Students were so pleased with their new furry friends!