WSC’s Learning Environment Survey Highlights!

posted Oct 28, 2010, 10:59 AM by Evan ODonnell
An important part of our progress report is the school environment survey. Most of our parents and almost all of our students filled out the survey. It gives parents and students a chance to let us know how we are doing. These are some of the highlights of the survey: 

*95% of parents agreed that we have high expectations for children.
*91% agreed that our children are learning what they need to know to succeed in the future.
*98% were satisfied with the quality of their child's teacher.
*91% agreed that their child received extra help when needed.
*98% believe that the school clearly communicates its expectations for children's learning.
*99% were satisfied with the response received when contacting the school with either questions or concerns.
*99% feel welcome at the school.
*99% agreed that their child was safe at school.

The staff is pleased that parents are so supportive of our efforts. Children are most likely to become enthusiastic participants in the school community when they know their parents have confidence in the school.