WSC Hosts iZone 360 Conference

posted Mar 14, 2013, 7:09 PM by Suzannah Ohring
As part of our role as an iZone 360 Ambassador School, WSC hosted a conference for educational leaders from across the nation.  The focus was on how we create a school culture that is personalized and responsive to the needs, strengths and motivations of individual students.  Visitors came from as far as Georgia and the District of Columbia to learn from our innovative and collaborative process for building a community of independent learners.  Teachers and students shared how teachers, students, parents and school administration all work together to foster student independence as students strive to produce standard-bearing work and demonstrate their growth through progress reports, student-led conferences and portfolios.  The role that technology plays in this collaborative effort was also explored.  Visitors left inspired and motivated to replicate aspects of our model in their own communities.  Thank you to the teachers and the many student presenters who so eloquently shared their experiences with our guests.