WSC is Recognized for Excellence

posted Oct 2, 2014, 8:00 AM by Suzannah Ohring

Our school continues to be acknowledged for our innovative practice, teacher leadership, academic excellence and cultural partnerships.  We are pleased to share with you the numerous ways that West Side  Collaborate  has received recent recognition.

  • We are excited to be one of the 62 schools across the city selected by the Department of Education and the UFT for the Progressive Redesign Opportunity Schools for Excellence (PROSE) program.  The PROSE program allows schools to implement innovative plans that fall outside the Chancellors Regulations or UFT contract. We were recognized for our continued practices of teacher collaboration and innovative planning to support student achievement.   We will continue to implement practices to support personalized learning, teacher collaboration, and innovative instructional programs to support meaningful student learning experiences.

  • In our role as an  Ambassador School for the Innovation Zone (iZone360) we have been visited by Deputy Chancellors, City Networks, and the Gates Foundation representatives.  We have been asked to continue this practice of sharing our school’s work with various visitors again this year.  These visits offer our students opportunities to engage with an extended community of educators and business people.

  • Six WSC teachers have been selected for positions with the DOE’s competitive teacher leadership program.  Two of our teachers have been selected as Peer Instructional Coaches, and four of our teachers have been selected as Demonstration Teachers for the DOE’s Teacher Incentive Fund Program.  WSC teacher leaders will work with their colleagues on classroom practice in relation to the Danielson Framework for Teaching.

  • As a recipient of the Cultural After School Adventures grant we have started a partnership with Wingspan Arts (performing arts organization). We will continue our partnerships with Play Rugby, The Whitney Museum, The New York Historical Society’s Teen Thursdays Program, and CHAMPS.

  • Our 8th grade humanities-based Connections Curriculum has been approved as a high school preparatory course.  Through a competitive process that involved uploading all of our 8th grade humanities curriculum as well as tracking three years of WSC student graduates to see how they are progressing in high school, the DOE determined that our coursework was rigorous and prepared students for the higher level work required in high school.  Our graduates were deemed to outperform similar students in their high school careers.

  • WSC was the recipient of the First Annual Elizabeth Rohatyn Award for School Innovation presented by Teaching Matters, as well as a 2013 Blackboard Award.