WSC receives another “A” on our school Progress Report!

posted Oct 28, 2010, 11:28 AM by Evan ODonnell
What does it mean that WSC has received its fourth progress report with an "A"? It points to WSC as a school whose students, parents and staff have worked together to create one of the most successful middle school learning communities in the City. In the four years that the Department of Education (DOE) has 'graded' schools with a report card, different standards have been used to achieve an "A". Last year, for example, most schools received the top grade.  This year, only 25% of schools did. What really distinguishes WSC in these rankings is that however we are measured, we are always among the schools that are the most thoughtful and successful in challenging students to develop their innate curiosity and love of learning.   What the "A" really shows is the enthusiasm of students and teachers in working together to explore and understand the world.   They do this by using math, science, literacy, the arts and all the other subjects explored in our curriculum. It is this enthusiasm that helps our students achieve their best and go on to succeed in high school.